Years of construction: 1947-1950
Architects: Zhuravlev B. N., Fomin I. I.

The building on Nevsky, 68 before the reconstruction in 1947-50. Damages from air bomb are seen


Building during the reconstruction in 1947-1950


Traces of air bomb hits


Appearance of the building as of 2010 year (before reconstruction))


Look after the reconstruction




The area on the corner of Nevsky prospect and Fontanka belonged to Peter's I daughter, Anna, since 1711. Since the second half of XVIII century, almost at other owners, there have appeared the first conctructions, overlooked directly the avenue.

Houses from the side of Nevsky in the beginning of XIX century were owned by the merchant Dekhterev, since 1820s - the merchant F. I. Lopatin. In 1839-1840 there has been attached a building, overlooks Fontanka, by design of V. E. Morgan. Thus this rented house became one of the largest in St.-Petersburg. Lopatin was leasing here more than 80 apartments.

From 1842 to 1846 leaved and worked V.G. Belinskiy lived and worked here. In this period he has written his main literary and critical works. Belinskiy's flat was visited by N.A. Nekrasov, I.A. Gontcharov, D.V. Grigorovitch, V.P. Botkin, A.I. Herzen. Here the critic has made the acquaintance of young F.M. Dostoevskiy. In 1850-1851 in this house has been living I.S. Turgenev, was working over his plays and "Hunters's notes". This house went down in history as "Literary house".

After the merchant Lopatin the boulding was owned by other people. In 1872-1874 architects N.V. Nabokov and V.E. Stukkey rearranged the house on Nevskiy prospect, changed its facade. From 1874 по 1918 here was situated the 12th classical school (from the side of Fontanka). In the end of 1905 года the publishing company "New life" was working in Literary house. In this publishing company a first meeting of V.I. Lenin and A.M. Gorkiy has taken place.

After 1918 года in this building was placed executive committee of regional council. On November, 28 of 1941 the building was damaged by a demolition bomb. In 1947-1950s there was built a new house by design of B.N. Zhuravlev and I.I. Fomin, with absolutely another front but using old constructions (foundation and walls).

Till 1993 there has been working executive committee of Kuybyshwvskiy region, then - tax inspection of Central region.